Learning to Live in the World With ADHD

Hi Friends, I’ve got a great post today from a fellow ADHDer, author, and work-from-home-Dad Jonathan “JO” Oliver.  Check it out: I didn’t learn that I had ADHD until I was 30 years old. I was in the process of writing my book about Dyslexia when I was diagnosed. While researching for the book, I learned thatContinue reading “Learning to Live in the World With ADHD”

Anyone looking for Blog Mentoring?

Hi beautiful people!! My blog mentor, Jillian, is collaborating with Pete on Blogger University.  Here’s a Video  I recorded as a testimonial and it talks about my ADHD “transformation” and journey. If anyone is interested in blog tips, etc, please comment. I talk more about ADHD and mentorship in this post. I’m in the early stagesContinue reading “Anyone looking for Blog Mentoring?”