Blogger to Author

I’m turning this blog into a book! It’s been a work in progress for the past 4 years. I decided to leverage the blog to help other ADHD families get results. Family ADDventures is all about my and my family’s shifts, success and failures, but it’s not set up to support full on transformation. Here is how I’m planning to turn 3 years of blog posts into a cohesive story with action items that convert.

What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine

Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash When I was first coming to grips with my ADHD I wanted meds to fix me but I needed strategies to make me more productive. I wanted a partner to love me for all my faults but I needed one who would help me improve upon them instead. IContinue reading “What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine”

ADHD and Money: Saying Good-Bye to a Heartache

  We’re moving to Puerto Rico in October.  The rent vs. sell question has been gnawing at me, ever since we picked our destination.  I received news that helped seal the sell for me: our basement renters are moving out.  Trying to find renters for the basement and the upper level of the house wouldContinue reading “ADHD and Money: Saying Good-Bye to a Heartache”