Slow Parenting: Embracing Simplicity before Puerto Rico

It’s unconventional, taking my family to Puerto Rico for 10 months.  But, I realize what the greater goal is: simplification.  There are so many choices, conveniences, decisions, schools, activities, and schedules to juggle as a parent.  Overwhelming isn’t the word.  It’s just complete, chaotic overload.  Throw two working parents, 3 kids, 2 jobs, 2 sideContinue reading “Slow Parenting: Embracing Simplicity before Puerto Rico”

Why Minimalism is hard for ADHDers and How to Create White Space

ADHDers need goals. We are typically results-oriented. That’s the reason I took 4 years to complete my first two years of college (What was the point of all these required courses, again?). It’s the reason ADHD elementary school students don’t finish the worksheet. And why more hours spent at your computer don’t always equal moreContinue reading “Why Minimalism is hard for ADHDers and How to Create White Space”

I’m Giving Up (Thursday’s Log and a Dental Disaster)

In honor of Kate’s Northrup’s book, Do Less, I decided to jot down a weekday schedule in my life. It’s a strategy she recommends to help women “trim the fat.” Quite frankly, I’ve been exhausted, lately.  I’m working hard so I can NOT DO THINGS next year like: *pay a mortgage *smile with missing teethContinue reading “I’m Giving Up (Thursday’s Log and a Dental Disaster)”

ADHD and Money: Saying Good-Bye to a Heartache

  We’re moving to Puerto Rico in October.  The rent vs. sell question has been gnawing at me, ever since we picked our destination.  I received news that helped seal the sell for me: our basement renters are moving out.  Trying to find renters for the basement and the upper level of the house wouldContinue reading “ADHD and Money: Saying Good-Bye to a Heartache”

Win at Work and Motherhood

Guess what ADHD moms? This post is written for you and by you.  It’s time to STOP, once and for all, thinking you’re less of a mother if you work. In fact, I write this post to kill the scarcity mindset fallacy that well-paid, working women aren’t invested, present moms!  SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE: Focused SAHMs and SAHDsContinue reading “Win at Work and Motherhood”

The Evolution of our basement: Building passive income—ADHD style.

This July I learned the true meaning of passive income. As a teacher, I’ve sold lesson plans, here and there, for 50 cents to $7 on Teachers Pay Teachers.  But, on July 1st, I made real money!!! How did I do it? Here’s the evolution of our basement:   Guest Room     Our basementContinue reading “The Evolution of our basement: Building passive income—ADHD style.”

Crying in line at Five Guys

Crying in line at Five Guys Sometimes momentous occasions happen at a simple place and time. I stayed up until 4am on December 24th. I purchased an additional line and phone number for my son for Christmas. It was the best $20/month I’ve ever spent. No data, just the bliss that comes with knowing myContinue reading “Crying in line at Five Guys”

ADHD Self-love: Beat Resistance on Valentine’s Day

This is a different post than I usually write.  I recently read the book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.  To say it changed my mindset would be an understatement.  To say it enlightened my thinking about ADHD is strange because of this quote: “Attention Deficit Disorder, Seasonal Affect Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder.  TheseContinue reading “ADHD Self-love: Beat Resistance on Valentine’s Day”