Why am I so emotional about Clutter?

Why am I so emotional about clutter? Photo by Jarosław Ceborski on Unsplash It’s still New Year’s this entire month. That means my inbox is filled with goal-setting tips, planner sales and numerous Houzz articles on clearing space.  A recent Houzz post discussed the KonMari method. I found myself tearing up as I glanced atContinue reading “Why am I so emotional about Clutter?”

7 Years Bad Luck: ADHD, PMS and a Broken Mirror

        This is a brutally honest post.  It needed to be written.  If anyone out there has yet to put stock in the blog posts I share and the reasons I want to help those with ADHD, perhaps this post will sway you.  I know what it means to be impulsive andContinue reading “7 Years Bad Luck: ADHD, PMS and a Broken Mirror”

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving was a wild success this year. When things run smooth and are full of sweet memories, it feels like a dream.  Holidays can be this special if you know when to join in and when to take a break. Thanksgiving Memories From the time I can remember, Thanksgiving was expertly executed by my Moma.Continue reading “Thanksgiving Blessings”

3 Hurricanes and a Wedding: Damage control-Another gift of ADHD

  It’s been a tough 2 months for our family.  When Hurricane Harvey hit, it was flooding an area of Texas where our 1-year-old niece lives.  When Hurricane Irma hit, it was headed straight for Tampa where my uncle, receiving hospice care, lived along with our cousins in Deerfield Beach.  And when Hurricane Maria wasContinue reading “3 Hurricanes and a Wedding: Damage control-Another gift of ADHD”

A Letter to my son’s previous Mom

There are so many things I need to tell you about your son.  The ways he has grown and matured, fallen and gotten up again are uncountable.  There have been moments of greatness and failures that made me cringe. The path I’ve taken with your son curves in a much different direction then it didContinue reading “A Letter to my son’s previous Mom”

The Pros and Cons of Homeschool

Homeschool is quite “alternative” in my professional and many other educated communities.  As a public school teacher, I work hard to ensure lessons are engaging.  I teach 125 students per day (part time).  In that group there are bound to be some who aren’t motivated by Spanish, but my goal is to inspire and instillContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Homeschool”

Decisions of the Heart

My 10 year-old, B, still makes many questionable decisions.  Take today, for example.  I took my 3 angels out to a nearby creek.  We waded,  looked for fish and tadpoles and got generally “mucky.”  That’s our idea of a perfect summer afternoon.   Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash But, my eldest only “met usContinue reading “Decisions of the Heart”

Vacation Travel Wins

I’m writing this post to you from sunny, Florida!  We’ve driven down the East Coast a few times for vacation since my eldest was born.   Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash   My least pleasant memory took place 8 years ago.  We arrived at a small inn, after driving with my carsick 2 year-old for over 4Continue reading “Vacation Travel Wins”