Motivation-The “F” word for ADHDers

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself.  It gives me perspective and makes me feel better about my ADHD. Here’s an ode to motivation.  I hope you laugh out loud, and learn to cut yourself some slack. Motivation, the elusive phantom of our inner workings.  The hidden gem that must be excavated from the bowelsContinue reading “Motivation-The “F” word for ADHDers”

Moms of ADHDers, let’s have a good cry, together.

If you’ve ever questioned your “med”ucation in life, fear not.  Jessica McCabe of @HowtoADHD gives it to us straight.  If love = medication in your child’s ADHD management program, then embrace it.  Let’s stop shaming parents when we don’t know the whole journey–aka their family ADDventure. 😉  Thanks, Jessica and Mrs. McCabe!

Thank you

  I came across yet, another, stunning article on, today about the latest developments in ADHD.  If you need information about the condition for you,  your child or spouse, do yourself a favor and read the article highlighting the myths and facts of ADHD by Dr. Thomas E. Brown. Photo by JJ Thompson on UnsplashContinue reading “Thank you”

Raising a Few “Free Spirits”

I learned about the condition called ADHD in 2009. My son was 2 years-old. I had read every book about raising a wild, free-spirited, difficult to discipline child and nothing was working. I didn’t like to go out with him alone, much. He would run away.  Run away, like, I’m going to have to callContinue reading “Raising a Few “Free Spirits””

Yesterday was music class.

Today was an uneventful day in our household.  Maybe that’s common for many, but not at our house.  In our home there’s often a meltdown of some sort. Yesterday was music class.  “I forgot my cornet for instrumental music, again.  The other kids made fun of me for using the teacher’s,” my son reports asContinue reading “Yesterday was music class.”