Why We’re Moving to Puerto Rico in 2019

We have a big decision to make.  In July of this year I’m officially starting my “year off” from the grind.  As a family we’ve been researching different ways to make these 8 to 11 months count.  How can we enhance our lives and others’?  How can we grow closer to our children, build resilience,Continue reading “Why We’re Moving to Puerto Rico in 2019”

ADHD Challenge: No Screens for a Week

  The holidays are over.  That means BOTH my husband and I go back to the grind HARD.  His event season starts to build for spring and my teaching holiday ends with no long break, again until school’s out in June.  Whew, I’m tired already.   Moana Saves Mama   When I’m drained, Moana becomes myContinue reading “ADHD Challenge: No Screens for a Week”

Santa is Real: A case for keeping Santa traditions alive and NOT for discipline’s sake

Last year around this time I started questioning our family tradition of Santa Clause. My eldest son “knew” Santa wasn’t real and it caused him some heartbreak.  His letdown took me right back to my own disappointment when I learned my parents and not, Santa brought my sister and me toys on Christmas Eve.  IContinue reading “Santa is Real: A case for keeping Santa traditions alive and NOT for discipline’s sake”

Win at Work and Motherhood

Guess what ADHD moms? This post is written for you and by you.  It’s time to STOP, once and for all, thinking you’re less of a mother if you work. In fact, I write this post to kill the scarcity mindset fallacy that well-paid, working women aren’t invested, present moms!  SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE: Focused SAHMs and SAHDsContinue reading “Win at Work and Motherhood”

Finding a Comfortable Bed at 8 plus Feet Tall

I’m watching a spot-on series through MedCircle today.  It’s short interviews with Dr. Domenick Sportelli.  He’s a double board certified clinical psychiatrist and an ADHD expert. I’m trudging through homeschool this year, second-guessing every decision and losing sleep some nights.  This handsome doctor may save the day for those ADHD mamas and papas who areContinue reading “Finding a Comfortable Bed at 8 plus Feet Tall”

(Homeschool) Math and ADHD

Disciplining an ADHD Child Discipline is a 4-letter word to some modern parents, and for many of us with differently-wired kids.  In fact, it may shame more than support.  We shudder as we stare down our demon.  How do you discipline the willful, forgetful, oppositional, utter mess that is an ADHD child?  How do weContinue reading “(Homeschool) Math and ADHD”

Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?

This article is hard to write.  I’ve spent the past 6 years teaching my son strategies to manage his ADHD. I’m subscribed to major ADHD publications like Understood.org and ADDitude Magazine.  I listen to podcasts, read articles and books, watch youtube videos and even took my son out of public school this year.  My goalsContinue reading “Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?”

Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.

I was back in the classroom this week, setting up, planning and now evaluating my new Spanish students’ writing. While I’m knee-deep in 100 plus essays, take a listen to this enlightening podcast episode with Dr. Nicole Beurkens and Ari Whitten of the Energy Blue Print. If you’d prefer to read, here is the text-version link.Continue reading “Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.”

D$mn it, I hate meal planning

Meal planning has been a “goal” for 3 years.  Yes, ever since I had my third child I’ve been enraptured by the thought of meal-planning.  It’s magic.  To me, it’s a beautiful place where one sits with a calendar, some coupons, Pinterest, and viola—the weeks’ meals are ready!!!!   Enter my truth.  My truth is:Continue reading “D$mn it, I hate meal planning”