Suicide and Low Academic Performance

I haven’t talked much about suicide prevention this month (September is Suicide Prevention Month).  Probably bc it hits close to home for me.  I lost 2 former students and a family member to suicide and, sadly, my experience is more common than not. I did some research on the correlation between low grades or lowContinue reading “Suicide and Low Academic Performance”

Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD

Happy New Year! I’ve written about this before, but not with such an honest picture of my family’s mental wellness. We recently made a lot of changes in our life (like moving from Rockville, MD to San Antonio, TX) to improve our life and our health, too! Since we’ve settled in after a rather hecticContinue reading “Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD”

Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition

  On August 19th, my son started 7th grade at a middle school in San Antonio, TX.  We planned he would go for a month to receive some instruction before our move to Puerto Rico.  As soon as he started classes I was on eggshells, wondering if he would “make it” being in a school buildingContinue reading “Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition”

Learning to Live in the World With ADHD

Hi Friends, I’ve got a great post today from a fellow ADHDer, author, and work-from-home-Dad Jonathan “JO” Oliver.  Check it out: I didn’t learn that I had ADHD until I was 30 years old. I was in the process of writing my book about Dyslexia when I was diagnosed. While researching for the book, I learned thatContinue reading “Learning to Live in the World With ADHD”

New Year, New Student: 3 Steps to Receive Accommodations at School

Want a New Student in 2019? As a teacher, I have sat across a conference table from dozens of parents requesting accommodations for their ADHD child. Adopting accommodations can make a significant improvement in a child’s performance.   A Reason to Celebrate After about 4 years of blood, sweat, tears (and moolah) spent on myContinue reading “New Year, New Student: 3 Steps to Receive Accommodations at School”

Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.

I was back in the classroom this week, setting up, planning and now evaluating my new Spanish students’ writing. While I’m knee-deep in 100 plus essays, take a listen to this enlightening podcast episode with Dr. Nicole Beurkens and Ari Whitten of the Energy Blue Print. If you’d prefer to read, here is the text-version link.Continue reading “Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.”

The Drug Journal

Are you afraid of stimulant medication for your ADHD child?  Does the thought of an anti-depressant for a 9-year-old make you cringe?  This post is about a tool I named a “drug journal.”  It was incredibly helpful while we worked through the trial and error stage of ADHD medication and dosing with my then thirdContinue reading “The Drug Journal”

The Best Essential Oils for Mental Wellness (at school and home)

Let’s celebrate May and Mental Health Awareness month! Essential oils have inspired strong mental health habit building in our home. Perhaps they can help you, too.

The Difference between being The boss and being Your Own boss.

This is part 2 of a post from last month.  Here is part 1. No.   I have a checklist on the bulletin board next to my desk.  It’s a list of when to say “no.”  I have a tendency to take on more than I should handle.  Thank you, ADHD.  The most important questionsContinue reading “The Difference between being The boss and being Your Own boss.”

Water Detective

Last month B participated in the science fair at his elementary school.  It was the first year picking a project was a breeze.  It was all about water. This post is sponsored by Berkey water. I only write about products I use and love.  Usually these products have made a difference for ADHD. Drinking PureContinue reading “Water Detective”