Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.

I was back in the classroom this week, setting up, planning and now evaluating my new Spanish students’ writing.


While I’m knee-deep in 100 plus essays, take a listen to this enlightening podcast episode with Dr. Nicole Beurkens and Ari Whitten of the Energy Blue Print. If you’d prefer to read, here is the text-version link.


The insights Dr. Beurkens make are completely in line with hypotheses I’ve purported on this blog as I’ve raised an ADHDer and taught many students with the same condition. There are patterns that emerge, and hearing the correlations from an expert of her caliber, is reassuring.  Maybe I’m getting this stuff figured out with my son, after all.



A board-certified nutritionist, a clinical psychiatrist with a 20-year practice, and a former special education teacher, Doctor Beurkens has connected the dots in the psychological differences puzzle.  She draws connections between today’s lifestyle and nutrition with incredibly high rates of anxiety,



depression, and other psychological disorders in our young people. As a veteran teacher, I have witnessed the uptick in diagnoses.


I don’t agree with all she states about medications, but I do agree we miss something when treating the brain and the body as separate entities.  Wholistic and functional medicine doctors are on the rise for a reason.  We’re all searching for a whole body solution to our mental health, not just a quick pill to treat a symptom, and then another for a side effect, then another. . .


I hope you enjoy this podcast! What do you think about their discussion?



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