Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a coach, author, educator and student advocate with the gift of inattentive ADHD.  My husband has the hyperactive gift and 14 year-old son (my budding photographer) has the combined gift.
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We are a family of five. I struggled for the first 4 years of my eldest son’s life to be a “good” mom.  Parenting was challenging because my son was “difficult.”  I read and learned everything I could.  I made it my mission to help my son be the best he could be. It’s been a bumpy road.

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Home life

An AHDH household is sometimes unruly and unwieldy.  It can be chaotic, full of loud voices and heightened emotions.  In the past 9 years, my family has made huge strides in calming our brains, edifying our relationships with one another and finding ways to THRIVE, not just survive, with ADHD.  I wrote a book on the parenting mindset shifts and strategies we’ve used on our journey to create confident, happy ADHD kids.  It’s available on Amazon! Follow my Author Page to purchase and get updates on my latest releases.

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What is ADHD COaching?

If you’ve been told by a doctor that you’re just busy and couldn’t possibly need medication, get a second opinion.  If you know that your child is smarter than her grades show, listen to your gut.  If you’ve done ALL THE THINGS to help your child or yourself, maybe it’s time to consider coaching.

Through coaching, we create a calmer and stress-reduced household. I empower ADHD moms and dads to manage their ADHD so they can better support their children.  I also create solutions by working with the entire family.

Here’s what an ADHD coach is:


Mental HEalth

Reclaiming our mental health through the gut has been another pivotal key to calming brains in our household.  The gut is the FIRST BRAIN, not the second.  There is more communication from your gut to your brain, not the other way around.  As I’ve learned the gut’s connection to our mental health, I’ve been on a mission to help others improve.  Here is a link to a mental wellness quiz. http://ltl.is/tTnjc How’s your gut and mental health?  

Student advocacy

As an educator for 12 years, I worked with countless parents and their ADHD children.  By administering accommodations in the classroom, students become more confident learners.  School success is possible!  You can establish positive relationships with classroom teachers and administrators, build leverage through your child’s doctor and/or therapist, and start the process for ADHD and LD testing through the school. Testing gives you and your child a clearer picture of her learning needs and strengths. I have a specific package to advocate for testing and accommodations through your public school system. Those test results and support in the classroom may spark the mindset shift of a lifetime!

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Homeschooling @ Denman Estate Park, San Antonio, TX


As a homeschool mom I understand that public school doesn’t work for everyone.  There are students, especially neurodivergent learners, who succeed and build confidence more easily with the flexibility and support of at home learning.  General education programs require a uniformity of testing and academics that may shortchange some of our brightest children.  I wrote a book on the homeschooling advantages for ADHD children. You can get it here.

My purpose is to empower, educate and find solutions for those of us living with, and/or caring for someone with ADHD.  Welcome to our Family ADDventures!

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.


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