keep your brain functioning at a high level.

Feel free to browse and try something new!  Some are Amazon affiliate links so I receive a portion of the proceeds if you buy through my site.  THANK YOU!

1. Gut Health

A balance of healthy gut microbiota is key to brain health!  Finding the right probiotics with specific strains to treat anxiety and help alleviate adhd symptoms has been a game changer for my family. Saffron extract is another excellent supplement for ADHD.  My children love this pixie stick style treat that improves focus immediately!

2. Essential Oils

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

I use and promote essential oils for ADHD and general emotional balance as well as overall wellness.  Start with Lavender for sleep and Thieves for cognitive function (clove and lemon blend).

Lyn Alden’s productivity hacks:  Here is her monster article on boosting productivity and focus.  It’s got A TON of strategies and tips to try.

3. OMEGAS-Krill Oil

Viva Naturals is a company I trust for wellness products.  The supplements are pure and the company is involved in every step of the process from beginning to finished product.

4. Green Juice NOT COFFEE

I buy Suja at Costco for $9 a bottle.


4. Art supplies

  • Scratch off papers art kit

  • Mini Zen Garden: (this is similar to one I purchased at 5 and Below)

All of the above are items I keep in my CRAFT kit (see previous post:  Are you a Brain Expert? for how I use them.)

5.  Purposeful, Creative Living

Creating a purposeful and engaged life is one the keys to my family’s success as ADHDer’s.  Whether it’s your work, a creative hobby, a side hustle, or giving and donating your time; the key to finding focus and maintaining it is to put your Universe-given talents into action.  Create every day!  Here are some of the books and posts I’ve used to plan my goals and keep me going when my lack of motivation gets the best of me.

  •  For more in-depth planning and productivity, check out this book by Charles Duhigg:

  • To stop making excuses for yourself about making ART and being creative in this world read Steven Pressfield’s:

  • To learn more about the importance of creativity in the “New Age” of business and why you should create more art read Seth Godin’s:

6.  Exercise.  Try to run, walk or search “15-minute Tabata kettlebell workout” on youtube.

Check back often!  I update this list all the time.

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