Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD

Happy New Year! I’ve written about this before, but not with such an honest picture of my family’s mental wellness. We recently made a lot of changes in our life (like moving from Rockville, MD to San Antonio, TX) to improve our life and our health, too! Since we’ve settled in after a rather hecticContinue reading “Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD”

Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?

This article is hard to write.  I’ve spent the past 6 years teaching my son strategies to manage his ADHD. I’m subscribed to major ADHD publications like and ADDitude Magazine.  I listen to podcasts, read articles and books, watch youtube videos and even took my son out of public school this year.  My goalsContinue reading “Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?”