Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition

  On August 19th, my son started 7th grade at a middle school in San Antonio, TX.  We planned he would go for a month to receive some instruction before our move to Puerto Rico.  As soon as he started classes I was on eggshells, wondering if he would “make it” being in a school buildingContinue reading “Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition”

Finding a Comfortable Bed at 8 plus Feet Tall

I’m watching a spot-on series through MedCircle today.  It’s short interviews with Dr. Domenick Sportelli.  He’s a double board certified clinical psychiatrist and an ADHD expert. I’m trudging through homeschool this year, second-guessing every decision and losing sleep some nights.  This handsome doctor may save the day for those ADHD mamas and papas who areContinue reading “Finding a Comfortable Bed at 8 plus Feet Tall”

(Homeschool) Math and ADHD

Disciplining an ADHD Child Discipline is a 4-letter word to some modern parents, and for many of us with differently-wired kids.  In fact, it may shame more than support.  We shudder as we stare down our demon.  How do you discipline the willful, forgetful, oppositional, utter mess that is an ADHD child?  How do weContinue reading “(Homeschool) Math and ADHD”

Our First Homeschool Lesson

We completed our first homeschool lesson on accident this week.  A plan to use Groupon at Port Discovery in Baltimore fell through because the dates listed were incorrect.  After my husband, who won’t take no for an answer, finished with Groupon we had $45 to spend.  So, we bought Historic Ships tickets at the InnerContinue reading “Our First Homeschool Lesson”

Endless Summer: How Homeschool is changing our perspective on learning, life.

First Assignment B received his first science homeschool assignment, today!!! Our journey has officially begun.  He’s testing EMF levels at home and explaining 3 easy ways to reduce exposure.   As I emailed him the resources, I realized this is our last summer countdown.  It’s the last time we’ll be patiently awaiting June 15th.  It’s theContinue reading “Endless Summer: How Homeschool is changing our perspective on learning, life.”

Homeschool- How to design and personalize an education for your ADHD child

So, it’s finally here.  Homeschool is starting in less than 2 months!!!! My son will be “promoted” from elementary school on June 11th.  After that ceremony, he will be homeschooled for his 6th grade year.  I wrote a post on my initial pros and cons of homeschool.  You can read  it here. This post explains theContinue reading “Homeschool- How to design and personalize an education for your ADHD child”