Mom Lost the Car

Freedom is a beautiful thing.  Freedom from judgment, ridicule, powerlessness.  Freedom has tempted me to reach out to the world and speak.

Listen world, ADHD is a real thing and people who have it can be quite amazing.

This is a whispered call to action.  Please stop being afraid to “label” kids, and “medicate” brains.  If diagnosis is freedom then my chains broke about about 2 years ago.  The truth is I’ve often been underwhelmed by the neurotypical world.  I’m “too much,” perhaps.  My children are loud and my house is messy.  I smile too easily and I love too passionately.  I give until I have nothing left and then I’ll still fit your lost dog in between 2 car seats in the back of my sedan and drive 30 minutes out of the way because somebody has to bring that puppy back home.  Perhaps the world is overwhelmed by me, but I revel in it.  I forget things, but never my connection to people.  It’s my yearning to connect and heal that inspires my message.  

I hope you find comfort, strategies for success, and an online family here.  Parenting a child with ADHD while having the condition yourself is not an easy task, but it’s manageable when we seek out support and information. Welcome to our Family ADDventures.

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