Yesterday was music class.

Today was an uneventful day in our household.  Maybe that’s common for many, but not at our house.  In our home there’s often a meltdown of some sort.

Yesterday was music class.  “I forgot my cornet for instrumental music, again.  The other kids made fun of me for using the teacher’s,” my son reports as he arrives home from school.  Now, the shouting starts.  “I hate music.”  Then the stamping of the feet and banging on the walls adds to the chorus.  Then the tears flow.  “I hate it.  Everyone is so mean and I can’t read notes.”  My response,”  Honey, you’ve only been taking cornet for 30 minutes a week for 4 months.  I’m not sure you should’ve mastered reading notes, already.”  More tears and more “I hate instrumental music.”  The final plea,”If you hadn’t paid for the instrument would you let me quit?”  My answer:  “Only give up if you’ve given it your best.  Only quit if you’re truly beaten.”

Louis Armstrong is my son’s inspiration for playing the cornet.


And then there’s a calm silence.  I move on to dinner preparation.  Thirty minutes later I hear rather smooth scales as a beginning brass player toots his own horn. . . literally.  And it’s music to my ears.

Don’t give up moms of ADHDers.  Never give up.

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