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I came across yet, another, stunning article on, today about the latest developments in ADHD.  If you need information about the condition for you,  your child or spouse, do yourself a favor and read the article highlighting the myths and facts of ADHD by Dr. Thomas E. Brown.


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To fight disruption at school, at home and life in general, you must arm yourself with information.  When I started my knowledge quest I stayed up past midnight for weeks reading articles on ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, and management on the BEST RESOURCE FOR ALL THINGS ADHD:   Hope this helps!  Get educated and get empowered!


What sites do you read to learn more about ADHD?  Please share them as a comment.

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  1. Barbara Werfel

    The article you recommend reading is so on spot for describing ADHD! While there are some downsides to living with ADHD (like loosing my keys or phone), I have always believed in looking at the positive aspects of who I am as a person and my capabilities. It took my mom recognizing my strengths and helping me learn strategies to be able to focus and learn how to set goals. There is nothing I can’t do that I put my mind to! ADHD Is my super power. Thank you for posting!

    1. FamilyADDventures

      I completely agree about the superpower that comes along with ADHD. It’s challenging, at times, but the way I interpret the world is unique. My ADHD allows me to see things that others don’t. It’s a gift in so many ways! Thank you for your comment!

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