Motivation-The “F” word for ADHDers

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself.  It gives me perspective and makes me feel better about my ADHD.

Here’s an ode to motivation.  I hope you laugh out loud, and learn to cut yourself some slack.

Motivation, the elusive phantom of our inner workings.  The hidden gem that must be excavated from the bowels of our existence.  Oh, motivation, where are you?  Why do you come to me at midnight as I wash and re-hang the curtains in my house, instead of during my daughter’s nap when I planned to pay bills?


Motivation, are you so evil, as to allow me to save 300 HOUZZ photos on the app before I even get the inkling to email my contractor?  Shouldn’t I actually SEND HIM A PHOTO of what the bathroom could look like?  Yes, yes, you are evil because last night it was too late to text him.  And, of course, I cannot locate his email address on the business card which was certainly among my desk papers the other day.


Oh motivation, has my 2 year-old hidden you, too?  Has she scribbled on you with the one escaped crayon from the box kept out of reach?  Has she crushed the life out of you with her new molars?  Perhaps you are resting outside, under the beautiful green leaves of the summer trees. You, too are tired from a sleepless night with a teething toddler.



Photo by Devil_Jameson RAGE on Unsplash

You’re there, I know.  If I just look out my window for one more minute I will find you.  When I find you I will finally FINISH my blog post.  Then pay the bills, change all the sheets and take my 3 children outside to play.  I will NOT sit them in front of a Disney movie, like yesterday.  But, oh, F-.  She’s up.  Nap time is over.  There goes my motivation.


What do you do when the motivation well has dried up, yet your life tasks are still thirsty?  Comment below.

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  1. Moma

    Motivation, for me, cannot be taken by anyone or anything else. Sometimes I wish it would be taken from me. I am on the other side — Type A as in I cannot put any article of clothing in the wash away if a button is loose or a hem is torn. I must fix it right here and right now. It also can sap the life out of me. Once my motivation engine is running, it just stays in 4th gear ready to check off all the tasks on my list, BUT people suffer around me. My crazy energy can cause an unsettled feeling with those who would prefer me and not my works. Questions like: When are you coming to bed? I thought you were going to watch a movie w me. Or, from the mouths of babes, “I thought you were going to play a game w me.” Will the motivated person lie in bed on his or her last days and feel content w him or herself bc every last chore was checked, or will the person feel greater happiness from taking the time to play a game w a child or grandchild, or talking on the phone for a few extra mins w a dear friend? I think we know the answer. I woke up finally out of this state of “to do’s,” but only recently and only bc of my age and bc, as an insulin-dep diabetic for 45 years, it has made me tire faster FINALLY, thank God!! I still make a list of the tasks at hand the night before, but, now, after 38 years of never letting my motivation go anywhere out of my sight, I have set it free so that I can enjoy life w my family and friends and not w a checked off list. For those of you who suffer w the feelings of lost motivation – boost it w a list the night before and take pride in checking the boxes, but, beware that all the boxes checked Day after Day can lead to a worn out soul. So, it is always a balancing act.

    1. FamilyADDventures

      I appreciate your honesty. I think it is certainly hard to strike a balance. I do have an upcoming post about simple evening tasks to wake up to a better morning. Planning your day is paramount. Kudos to you for getting that right from the beginning! If what I’ve written has helped you cut yourself more slack, than I can only say thank you for being courageous and sharing your story with all of us.

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