Why am I so emotional about Clutter?

Why am I so emotional about clutter?


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It’s still New Year’s this entire month. That means my inbox is filled with goal-setting tips, planner sales and numerous Houzz articles on clearing space.  A recent Houzz post discussed the KonMari method. I found myself tearing up as I glanced at some of Marie Kondo’s before and after decluttering photos.  I’ve read “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” 3 times and each time I completed a decent purge of a category in my home.  After the final read, I donated the book (as part of my books and papers category purge). So, why the tears?  Read on.

Energy:  My word for 2018

One big takeaway from Kondo’s book details how to “spark joy” through the energy of things we truly love. There is a revelation afoot and fresh air to breathe once your space is cleared out.  Since I’ve started yoga in 2018, new feelings around energy have emerged.   Lately, my thoughts have returned to this theme and “life-changing magic.”  In fact, so much about 2018 has conjured up thoughts around energy that it became this week’s blog post for all of you.

Energy and Connection


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An even deeper energy connection was formed in my mind as I read Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich.” In this personal development blueprint, if you will, the passage below describes the energy of all things.  I’m getting woo woo here, but bear with me.  I think this connection is worthwhile for those of us who are “organizationally challenged.”  
Here is a quote from Proctor’s book:
“Everything is energy,”  p. 118.
“Everything in this universe is connected to everything else in this universe.  . . .You too are connected to everything in the universe, whether you can see it with the naked eye or not, is unimportant,” p. 119.
If you want a link to the entire book (a 256 page iBook), email me (familyaddventures@gmail.com) and I’ll send you the link!

Getting Deep to Get Stuff Done


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ADHDers have an inner awareness of energy.  We sense the energy of people and also of things.  We are “wired” to pick up on that energy which leads to distraction.  When our space is junked up with lots of energy-producing “stuff,” it’s hard to get down to business.  We’re constantly led astray by the clutter.
When I think about cleaning up and clearing out in this way, I manage to make headway in my tiny ranch house.  I no longer feel overwhelmed, I feel revived.  This is the way I approach decluttering.  It’s the way a disorganized mama like me, comes home to peaceful abode.  I’m no longer fighting with energy screaming at me from the back of a packed junk drawer, or an overstuffed closet.  I’m breathing and focused on me, my family and our inanimate possessions that “spark joy.”

Crying over Houzz Pictures

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash
So, why the tears when looking at before and after pictures of cleared clutter and room to breathe?  I think it’s because there is freedom inherent in empty space.  It’s hope for the good that’s yet to come.   I know ADHD isn’t all I am, and it’s definitely not all for my son.  It’s the potential that comes through in clean, sparse spaces that tugs at my heartstrings.  To see, in our physical space what we know in our hearts to be true triggers an emotional response from me.  And I’m not ashamed of it.


Do you struggle managing your space?  How have you helped your ADHD child cull and organize possessions?

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Nicole Santiago is a learning specialist, student advocate, and founder of Family ADDventures. As a specialist, she assesses and teaches clients (adults and adolescents) to manage and grow their executive functioning skills which include emotional regulation, task initiation, and time management. As an advocate (IEP coach), she is a member of COPAA and ensures inclusive (special) education students receive the most appropriate educational services possible. She often collaborates with OT's, SLP's and neuropsychologists all in the name of student improvement and success. Her practice is located in San Antonio, TX, and everywhere (virtually). The author grew up an army brat and spends time with her three ND children and husband in Puerto Rico whenever possible. She writes about mental health, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship on her blog: FamilyADDventures.com

4 thoughts on “Why am I so emotional about Clutter?

  1. Love the piece concerning our energy connections to everything and everyone! De cluttering and deleting info that is no longer needed will help! And now is a great time to do it. Thanks❤️


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