Suicide and Low Academic Performance

I haven’t talked much about suicide prevention this month (September is Suicide Prevention Month).  Probably bc it hits close to home for me.  I lost 2 former students and a family member to suicide and, sadly, my experience is more common than not. I did some research on the correlation between low grades or lowContinue reading “Suicide and Low Academic Performance”

Alleviate Exhausted Parenting Syndrome

Parenting doesn’t have to be exhausting (unless it’s the newborn phase, because, well there’s no way around that except for a night nurse). If parenting is exhausting and you don’t have a newborn, it’s because you’re choosing to correct too many things. Remember, our goal is to get our children to make good choices once we’re NOT AROUND to support them.

So, how do we stop FIGHTING EVERY BATTLE?

Enter: Family Values

World Autism Day and Travel

I was invited to write a guest blog post for the travel app and website. World Autism Day is Friday, April 2nd. If you’re planning a trip with your kiddos once the world reopens, I think you’ll find some good tips here. What is Sensory Sensitivity? We use our senses (there are actually 8Continue reading “World Autism Day and Travel”

Work Flow and Cyclical Time for ADHD

I began using a blank journal as a planner in 2020. I completely trashed the expensive planner I was using. Because, quite frankly, 2020 has not fit into any neat boxes or timelines for me. When talking with other ADHD and neuro diverse individuals, the idea of time blindness, hyperfocus and time management comes upContinue reading “Work Flow and Cyclical Time for ADHD”

Dying with Grace Saying Good-bye I said good-bye to my grandmother this weekend.  She lived for 90 years and was the matriarch of our family.  Her death brought many of her children, grandchildren (22), great-grandchildren (49), and relatives and friends together.  It was the first time I was calmly tearful at a funeral service, as opposed toContinue reading “Dying with Grace”

Why am I so emotional about Clutter?

Why am I so emotional about clutter? Photo by Jarosław Ceborski on Unsplash It’s still New Year’s this entire month. That means my inbox is filled with goal-setting tips, planner sales and numerous Houzz articles on clearing space.  A recent Houzz post discussed the KonMari method. I found myself tearing up as I glanced atContinue reading “Why am I so emotional about Clutter?”