Services and an Audio ADHD Parenting Summit!

I’m pleased to announce the Living and Parenting with ADHD Summit has begun!!!!! I’m featured along with 5 other ADHD professionals. Read on for more information about the summit, as well as trends in school advocacy work this fall.

Micro Audio Summit: Taking the struggle out of living and parenting with ADHD

As you probably well know, parenting all by itself can be a serious challenge. Coupling that with a parent, child, or both with ADHD and you can experience some serious struggles.

Each of our speakers in the “Living and Parenting with ADHD” micro audio-summit have felt and feel your pain.

Each speaker has come from the unique experience of being an ADHDer themselves (all speakers), and/or a parent of an ADHDer.

All 6 speakers have an extreme and genuine passion for improving the well-being of fellow ADHDers.

And the best part of all is, we all come from different specialty areas (medical, education, nutrition, therapeutic coaching, etc.) so it’s an extremely well-rounded summit.

If you’ve ever had trouble feeling supported by your child’s pediatrician, teacher(s), another parent, or other family members. This summit is for YOU!

Registration is FREE and takes about 1-2 minutes. Go to:
September updates: I added IEP coaching to my educational therapy practice, last year. And I truly love working with neurodivergent kiddos as an educational therapist and a school advocate. School refusal has become more common post-pandemic and my goal is to make sure your child can access their education and truly find academic success. They deserve it!  Your child doesn’t have to struggle at school. 
Reach out:
Book an appointment
In October I’ll be speaking on 2 podcasts. The first one, The Crazy Over 40s life is hosted by Caroline Brown and we talked all about ADHD.

The second, Dyslexia Mom Boss, is hosted by Dr. Lauren. We discussed my experiences with dyslexia as it pertains to my middle son, as well as advocating for dyslexic kiddos at school.

SO much more to come this fall. I’m continuing my blog series on advocacy and educational therapy. Here’s my latest blog post on educational therapy, in case you missed it. In true Texas fashion: Happy Fall, Ya’ll. Thanks for being here!

Published by Family ADDventures

Nicole Santiago is a learning specialist, student advocate, and founder of Family ADDventures. As a specialist, she assesses and teaches clients (adults and adolescents) to manage and grow their executive functioning skills which include emotional regulation, task initiation, and time management. As an advocate (IEP coach), she is a member of COPAA and ensures inclusive (special) education students receive the most appropriate educational services possible. She often collaborates with OT's, SLP's and neuropsychologists all in the name of student improvement and success. Her practice is located in San Antonio, TX, and everywhere (virtually). The author grew up an army brat and spends time with her three ND children and husband in Puerto Rico whenever possible. She writes about mental health, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship on her blog:

3 thoughts on “Services and an Audio ADHD Parenting Summit!

  1. Hi Colely –

    I read these about your summit and they are so well done!! P I hope it goes well. Were you on tonight? I feel terrible bc I did not tune in.

    U Dickie called w cancer now in 4 places in his body.

    A Jean was fleeing to A Sharon’s sister’s place N of her home in New Port Richie, FL bc of Ian heading for Tampa Bay.

    Nancy Bonomo is looking into hospice – Peter told me today that she is not doing well and he wants me to visit her on Sat.

    This seems like a lot of heavy stuff. My broad shoulders are cracking a bit.

    So that is why I did not tune in – Can I see a video of you? I should like to do that and I pray it went well.

    Love you and nite nite,

    Xoxoox Moma

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  2. Honey – How are these going? You have so much out there – I hope you are getting positive feedback.

    The two in October look amazing and I should like to tune into them and to hear more about Robi.

    I need to get the dates of the 2 this month.

    Love you and hope all is going well w these,

    XOXO 😘 Moma

    Sent from my iPhone



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