How Kids Think

My son said “Why does God have to do that?” the other day when our friends canceled our pool date with a sick child.  It struck me in the heart.   As I work and talk with parents, I hear phrases like “He blames everyone but himself,” or, “It’s always someone else’s fault.”  As parents weContinue reading “How Kids Think”

Suicide and Low Academic Performance

I haven’t talked much about suicide prevention this month (September is Suicide Prevention Month).  Probably bc it hits close to home for me.  I lost 2 former students and a family member to suicide and, sadly, my experience is more common than not. I did some research on the correlation between low grades or lowContinue reading “Suicide and Low Academic Performance”

What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine

Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash When I was first coming to grips with my ADHD I wanted meds to fix me but I needed strategies to make me more productive. I wanted a partner to love me for all my faults but I needed one who would help me improve upon them instead. IContinue reading “What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine”

Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD

Happy New Year! I’ve written about this before, but not with such an honest picture of my family’s mental wellness. We recently made a lot of changes in our life (like moving from Rockville, MD to San Antonio, TX) to improve our life and our health, too! Since we’ve settled in after a rather hecticContinue reading “Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD”

From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story

This is a culmination of my journey from living paycheck to paycheck to following my dreams.  It’s a long post but if it inspires someone, it’s worth it to put my sh$& out there!   Paycheck to Paycheck     Approximately 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and if we studied the percentage ofContinue reading “From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story”

Why Minimalism is hard for ADHDers and How to Create White Space

ADHDers need goals. We are typically results-oriented. That’s the reason I took 4 years to complete my first two years of college (What was the point of all these required courses, again?). It’s the reason ADHD elementary school students don’t finish the worksheet. And why more hours spent at your computer don’t always equal moreContinue reading “Why Minimalism is hard for ADHDers and How to Create White Space”

Learning to Live in the World With ADHD

Hi Friends, I’ve got a great post today from a fellow ADHDer, author, and work-from-home-Dad Jonathan “JO” Oliver.  Check it out: I didn’t learn that I had ADHD until I was 30 years old. I was in the process of writing my book about Dyslexia when I was diagnosed. While researching for the book, I learned thatContinue reading “Learning to Live in the World With ADHD”

I’m Giving Up (Thursday’s Log and a Dental Disaster)

In honor of Kate’s Northrup’s book, Do Less, I decided to jot down a weekday schedule in my life. It’s a strategy she recommends to help women “trim the fat.” Quite frankly, I’ve been exhausted, lately.  I’m working hard so I can NOT DO THINGS next year like: *pay a mortgage *smile with missing teethContinue reading “I’m Giving Up (Thursday’s Log and a Dental Disaster)”